Hello! I am an independent Cinematographer specialized in Corporate Meetings, Events and Marketing Video Production in Miami Nationwide with a personalized treatment... just relax.

Tell your story, create an inspiring experience with video in a cinematic and creative way.

Featured Work

Digital Marketing

Product showcase, eCommerce branding,  manufacturing and industrial video production strategy for companies and individuals.

Video marketing production to attract customers introducing new industry trends. Promotional social media and eCommerce product video production digital advertising video content to rise awareness of your product, shop or service.



Video production for Hotels, Resorts & Leisure. Miami/Worldwide Hospitality Cinematography.

Create a new image campaign with video for your hotel or resort. Video production for social media and in-room entertainment for Hotels.



Promotional events galas educational meetings, Celebrations, Corporate Networking Video Production

Miami Video Production for meetings, dinners and galas. Cinematography in Miami for charity events and fundraisers. Corporate Recognition videos.


Live&Virtual Events

Video Production for Virtual and In-person Corporate Events, trade shows, Advertising and meetings.

I'll create appealing promotional content of your next event, meeting, corporate trade-show, convention, or conference. Totally out of the ordinary.

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"Diego is still my go to guy as his creativity knows no bounds. I heavily recommend him as an expert in video production"

"I came in to "art direct" the projects and really felt as if I wasn't needed. The editing sessions were smooth with a fantastic end product"

"he is quite a creative problem solver, able to offer quick ideation and solutions to any production needs on set, the results were beyond my expectations." 

"He is a true storyteller and will continue to be my go-to person for all my video needs."

"each time we work with Diego and his team the quality gets better and better. A professional who gets things done and make us look great!"

"He's a gifted cinematographer, and always leads us in the right direction for marketing our varied productions and programming at the theatre."

"He produced a lovely commercial in a very timely fashion and we couldn't be happier with the result."

"My company consistently uses Diego and his team for highlight reels and sizzle videos with spectacular results each time"

"His knowledge and professionalism make working with him and his team easy and comfortable."

What's New?

shortly about me

Diego Pocovi Cinematographer in Miami worldwide corporate and marketing video production

Cinematographer|Musician|Audio/Video Pro|Motorcycle Restorer|Electronics and Mechanics Enthusiast.

Check HERE for 2019 editorial of Diego on VoyageMia.
I believe that my clients deserve a personalized treatment. Unlike dealing with big film corporations, I approach every new production as a blank slate, delivering a fresh touch.
I am also constantly improving on my technical skills and -most important- the ability to capture the unique beauty and design of a subject in a storytelling fashion from beginning to end.

More than a business man, I consider myself somewhat of an artist with a personalized business. This is the reason why, every year, I book only a limited amount of projects, ensuring that the project that is so important to you, receives my full attention, and the treatment it deserves.
Let me portray on video the story you already imagined ... JUST RELAX.
Diego Pocoví, Creative Director
Available to travel


If you want to see more recent works, browse my Portfolio.

Diego Pocovi Commercial Video Production Service in Miami Nationwide Corporate Marketing Commercial Cinematographer. Miami Video Production Company

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