Why you should use video content to promote your Miami small business?

Why you should promote your Miami, Hialeah, Doral small business with Video?
To stay ahead! Times have changed store owners!, Video is the number 1 medium for promotion. Did you know that YouTube is the second most popular site on the web.
That's why I always recommend small and medium size business owners to create video content for marketing before hitting the low season or rough times like the pandemic months we are living now.
I remember some Miami local shop owners telling me “we are pretty busy, no need for that” and I say its great but don't forget, always there will be a new competitor around the block better than you or not but with better approach to sell.

The idea is to be proactive, stay fresh and relevant with all-social media traffic, love it or hate it it’s a MUST on these competitive times.

So, from a simple store visit, product marketing in Miami or facility tour to a more produced shop, factory with testimonials and great cinematic shots plus a superb editing, those are the key ingredients to have an appealing video content running for free on all social media platforms and bring more traffic and sales.

It's time to add video to your content marketing repertoire.
Contact me if you need more help or advice with your ideas.
all the best
Diego Pocoví

Diego Pocovi is a cinematographer specialized in video marketing production to attract customers introducing new industry trends. Creator of promotional social media and eCommerce product video production, digital advertising video content to rise awareness of your product, shop or service.

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