Why Me?

About Diego Pocovi Cinematographer Musician and Restorer

Cinematographer|Musician|Audio-Video Pro|Motorcycle Restorer|Electronics and Mechanics Enthusiast.

Check HERE for 2019 editorial of Diego on VoyageMia.
I believe that my clients deserve a personalized treatment. Unlike dealing with big film corporations, I approach every new production as a blank slate, delivering a fresh touch.
I have been creating personalized Story-Telling videos for 25 years, constantly improving on my technical skills and -most important- the ability to capture the unique beauty and design of a subject in a storytelling fashion from beginning to end.

With a wide variety of production experience from Celebrity Weddings, E-Entertainment Television, ESPN, Hilton Hotels, Diageo Americas, American Airlines, Kimpton Hotels, MTV, Influence Group, Pepsi Warner Music, Cure Magazine, PER medical, manufacturing Companies Family and TV Documentaries, using state of the art filming, audio gear, storyboard your video story and a complex and extensive process of audio-color edits.

More than a business man, I consider myself somewhat of an artist with a personalized business. This is the reason why, every year, I book only a limited amount of projects, ensuring that the project that is so important to you, receives my full attention, and the treatment it deserves.

Let me portray on video the story you already imagined ... JUST RELAX.

Diego Pocoví
Creative Director

Available to travel

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